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Technology driven food security

Sri Lanka is a land that is blessed with plenty of Agri-related basic needs such as favorable soil conditions, island wide irrigation system, abundance of sunlight, wet and dry seasons, etc. Unfortunately, due to the absence of national food security policies and politicians’ short-sighted actions, we are currently facing a significant food insecurity crisis. Highly inefficient transportation and storage methods make 40% of the crops become wastage before reaching the end users. Not utilizing climate and whether related data leads to unexpected slumps in crop availability.

Our food security approach is four-fold – Improving Availability, Access, Utilization and Stability using new technologies such as IoT (sensors, drones, etc.), artificial intelligence, Big Data and Data Analytics and Blockchain. We also plan to partner with Israel and India who are the current champions in food security and Agro-tech industry.

Israel’s drip irrigation is tested and proven as one of the best water management systems in the world. India’s mobile weather forecast apps are heavily in use among Indian farmers. IoT monitoring sensors supported by communication technologies are capable of monitoring farmland and crop metrics throughout the full planting, production and delivery lifecycle, collecting metrics such as soil, temperature, humidity, light, crop growth, pesticide residue, production device, equipment conditions, transportation, storage status and more. Applying these smart technologies in mass scale will not only boost the crop yields by 20%-30%. but untimely reduce their wastage by 50-60%.

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