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Entrepreneurial culture

Entrepreneurship is paramount for a thriving economy. Entrepreneurial activities make economies grow. They lead to innovations and creativity, bringing new products and services, creating new markets, creating new jobs and wealth, and making prosperous economies as a whole. This can be achieved only by creating an entrepreneurial DNA at every layer of our society. Our key efforts of building such DNA locally are as follow;

  • Setting up heavily deregulated Entrepreneurship Zones across the country that are fully equipped with basic infrastructure such as co-working spaces, fast speed internet, power supply, etc., and are fully accessible for local as well as foreign entrepreneurs. 

  • Implement Economic Gardening concept that promote entrepreneurial culture within the society.

  • Introduce new market concepts to the curriculums of schools, universities, and educational institutes.

  • Introduce a National Entrepreneurship Program to our national education system.

  • Improve entrepreneurs’ access to local capital markets through new capital markets reforms.

  • Improve access to global capital by promoting our startups amongst international angel and venture capital investment communities, via a newly built Startup Gateway.

  • Start global scale accelerator and incubator programs in Sri Lanka – helping startups to gain access to markets, capital, knowledge and technology.

  • Organize annual international trade shows locally, so that our youth will get exposed to new markets and can get inspired by seeing the prosperity that comes with it.

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