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Affordable energy independence

Sri Lanka’s current energy demand is met mostly through non-renewable energy sources – making the country extremely vulnerable towards global fossil fuel supply and demand shocks plus foreign exchange fluctuations. We believe the national energy security and independence plays a vital role building a strong economy. In fact, it is the backbone of a thriving economy. To get there, we have a multi-fold approach, as outlined below;

  • Implement Crude Intermediation Model urgently to solve the current crude, refined product supply crisis. Financing of the process will be separated from the operations and managed via Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), managed by a reputed international Investment Bank or a Commodities Brokerage Firm. Refineries (CPC), pipelines and other distributors will get paid a fee at a market rate, only for the services they provide. No operational burden of CPC will be passed onto the SPV under any circumstances.

  • Mitigate the price risk of crude/nat. gas purchases by entering into long term forwards and options contracts, and mitigate FX risk by swaps and futures contracts.

  • Mitigate supply chain, liquidity, and operational risks of crude/nat. gas purchase, refining and distribution by entering into long term intermediation and physical contracts.

  • Accelerate the addition of renewable energy sources to the national energy supply system – Solar, wind and Green Hydrogen.

  • Working closely with Norway, Japan and Australia, the pioneers of Green Hydrogen production and logistics, when introducing Green Hydrogen for local consumption.

  • Consider introducing decentralized Independent System Operator mechanism to the national electricity / power supply – making the national power supply price competitive, highly reliable, and most importantly fully compatible for the country’s expected economic boom. If these were to be implemented, the national power supply will be treated and protected as a matter of national security by the law of Sri Lanka, and any disruptions or unhealthy completion will be heavily regulated and penalized financially, as well as under criminal law.

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